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Our Brands

Lily&Mami (in German) helps parents who want to feed their children healthier. More vegetables and less sugar become child’s play. 

We also stand up here against “industrial sugar, chemicals, and other harmful ingredients” in food, because children are our future.

Pele.Fit (in German) is for all men who are 50+ or whoever feels addressed.

We are addressing men who want to get rid of their “beer belly”, control their inner “lazy bum”, or who want to know how to quickly and safely become a muscle man.

Privateer.Club is an English blog for freedom-loving gentlemen. The focus is on living as a perpetual traveller, enjoying luxury while feeling at home anywhere in the world.

This blog places a high value on freedom, the gentleman lifestyle, travel, and luxury.

We have several projects that will be available here shortly, as soon as they have been launched.

“Open your Eyes and see. If you look beyond, you will find the truth in mere sight.”

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